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Data Entry & dashboard creation

Businesses and firms always need to know how their business is doing. Rowyn Tree, LLC offers as needed data entry, as well as assistance with the creation and implementation of dashboards to better track the health of the business or firm.

To learn more, send a detailed message of your needs, and a quote for services will be provided.

Mobile Notary

Rowyn Tree, LLC offers mobile notary services to those who live in the Portland Metro area. If you are in need of mobile notary services, look no farther!

Please see our Fees page for rates!


Let's face it, filing is a time consuming task. It can be quicker to just make sure everything is in one spot. But what about when you need a file in a hurry?

Rowyn Tree, LLC is happy to step in and organize files either electronically or paper. You'll never have to panic search again.


Employment relations can be a tricky thing to maintain. Understaffed? Turnover high? Feel like your employees aren't happy?

Fortunately, there are answers to all of these questions. If you are ready to have a conversation about your employment relations, Rowyn Tree, LLC will offer guidance.



My name is Rowyn and I am the founder and creator of Rowyn Tree, LLC. The kitty you see is my business partner, Freyja. I grew up around Eugene, OR and attended the University of Oregon. In 2016, I got my BA in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration. In 2018, I moved to Portland, OR where I couldn't be happier. In 2021, I completed my MPS in Human Resources and Employment Relations, with a specialization in American Labor Unions.

In the last five years, I have worked for multiple small law firms as both a Legal Assistant and as either a Client Services Coordinator or Representative. If there is one thing I have learned about small businesses in my experience, is there is always more work than there is time. 

Projects arise, updates need to be made, and things need to be cleaned up. But hiring a new employee for a short term solution isn't viable. That's the purpose of Rowyn Tree, LLC. I bring both my administrative experience and educational background to provide as needed administrative work to small and local businesses who just need an extra set of hands. Similarly, as a business owner, and a manager, sometimes recognizing the importance of Employment Relations can be difficult. You want the business to succeed and quality employees. I want to help small businesses succeed, while also pursuing my passion of ensuring the working class is treated fairly. 

In short, my passion is to help. Small businesses help communities, and happy workers help small businesses! My hope is to provide services in which everyone can win.



Rowyn Tree, LLC

Portland, Oregon

PO Box 15071,

Portland, OR 97293

P: ‪(503) 893-4947 (temporarily unavailable)


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